Exercising during your periods, benefits and things to avoid

Many women often get confused about working out during their period. Some thinks it's good to exercise during period and some think it causes problems and so they skip it.

There are many myths about working out during periods.. So I hope this blog clears out any of your confusion regarding this topic.

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Let's get through each thing one by one..

Is it okay to workout during period?

Yes! It is completely okay to workout during period.
There may be many myths about not to workout during those days, but there is actually no scientific reason for anyone to skip exercising during period.
Regular exercising is just good for your health even if you do it on period. It does no harm, besides it is in many ways beneficial to workout during period.

Benefits of exercising during period

1. Exercising gives you endorphins (chemical our body produces to relieve pain). So, exercising during periods actually soothes the annoying cramps and pain.

2. Another thing about endorphin is that it boosts up your energy and makes you happy.

3. Exercising even for a few minutes during period really helps in reducing stress and depression.

4. It also helps decrease PMS symptoms like fatigue and mood swings. In short, it makes you feel a bit better. Trust me!

5.Due to low level of female hormones during periods you might experience more strength and power and thus workout well.

Best Exercises to do during period... and why!

1. YOGA -  Everyone knows how beneficial it is to do yoga. It helps you relax your body and also helps reducing pain, cramps and aches.

2. Pilates - This also helps a lot to get a relief from that ridiculous period cramp. (my personal favorite)

3. Walking - Even if you don't feel like working out but still you want to.. go out and have a good 30 minute walk. It helps in reducing PMS symptoms.

4. Light cardio - You can do some cardio during this time, but just keep it a little light and a little low.

5. Quick low at-home workout - Any small workout you feel like doing at that time. It really helps you a lot as you may be having those mood swings ans so it's just fine to do some light exercises quickly at home.

6. Stretch - Stretching before and after working out is important. It releases tension and soreness of muscles.

Things to avoid

1. Avoid anything that makes you uncomfortable. The most important thing is you being okay. So, if you just don't feel like doing a particular workout or just don't feel like working out at all, don't do it.

2. Avoid any heavy intense workouts or cardio trainings. For some it might be okay to do these exercises but, many don't feel that good during this time. Go for any light exercises.

3. If you feel unusually tired or working out feels really difficult during period, you don't have to do it! Instead go for things that can help you soothe that pain and better your mood (as mentioned above).

4. Avoid lifting heavy weights as these put too much pressure on your core and may increase cramps. 

My recommendation

Working out during period does no harm to the body and this is what I believe.
I too workout during my periods and all I have experienced is a better mood, less cramps and energy to get my work done.

If you feel comfortable to exercise during period.. do it!
If not, then don't do it!
It's all upon what you feel. Don't force yourself to exercise if your body is telling you that it is tired.
Also don't stop working out during those days because of any myth you heard.

Just make sure to be light on exercising and stay hydrated!

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Exercising during your periods, benefits and things to avoid



  1. Exercising has been a constant for me during lockdown. Thanks for sharing these tips

    COT | Changeoftomorrow.com

  2. I always try to do some sort of exercise during my period just because it really helps with the pain.

  3. Great advice here. The only exercise I won't do is swim. I always feel better for a workout when I am on my period x


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