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Your daily hair care routine contains all the basic things you need but are those the correct ones.
The things we do or the products we use "once in a while" does not affect overall hair heath as much as the "daily or basic" stuff does.

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 This blog is about those basic tools or products that you must have. 
Using the correct tool and product in the correct way and according to what suits your hair and your hair type is what you should do.

Here are the 6 everyday essentials that you must have.

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1. De-tangling comb / brush
Using your regular combs or brushes on your tangled hair leads to a lot of hair pulling and breakage.
Always use a de-tangling comb or brush to de-tangle your hair as these are specifically designed for this purpose.
Wide tooth combs are easily available and super affordable. If you prefer combing your hair right after washing it, a wide tooth comb is the best for this purpose.
Even on dry hair, first de-tangle your hair using a de-tangling brush or comb and then use your regular comb or brush for styling.

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2. Wooden comb / brush
It's been almost 2 years now that I use a wooden comb for my hair. It has so many benefits for hair.
I started using a wooden comb because I have an oily scalp but the hair ends always look so dry and dead. A great benefit of using a wooden comb or brush is that passes the natural oils from our scalp to the ends.
I do recommend everyone to atleast try using a wooden comb or brush for some days and see the difference yourself.
It reduces static, makes hair look shiny, passes natural oils and much more..

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3. Towels
Using a cotton towel or the same towel you use to dry out you body after shower to dry your hair is so wrong!
Those towels absorb much more moisture from your hair and then make your hair look super dry and frizzy.
You should use a microfiber fabric towel to gently dry your hair. These fabrics have finer threads that absorb just the right amount of moisture and reduce hair frizz.

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4. Satin / Silk
Fabrics like cotton absorb moisture a lot. If you have cotton pillow covers or cotton material scarfs, switch to satin or silk ones as they do not absorb moisture and create less friction as compared to the cotton ones.
Using a silk or satin fabric instead of those cotton ones is very important as they let your hair maintain the natural oils and make it look so much healthy and non frizzy.
I really suggest you to give it a try. Just use a silk or satin pillow cover for some days. you will love the difference.

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5. Oils
 Everyone knows why is oiling hair so important. You must oil your hair once a week.
You can checkout my blog about 6 BEST OILS FOR HAIR .
I would anyways recommend you to use castor oil. It is my favorite.
People might have issue with castor oil as it is very thick but if you use castor oil my way it becomes much more easy to deal with. CORRECT WAY TO USE CASTOR OIL FOR HAIR 
Use the oil that you really trust with your hair and you are convinced that it improved your hair health.
But if you still feel confused on which oil to use i highly recommend castor oil as it cures almost evry hair issue.

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6. The right products
The products you use on the daily basis have a huge impact on your overall hair health.
Don't go for all those big brand ads or cheap prices. Always go for quality.
Use the products that are made for your hair type and which are less on chemicals and more on natural ingredients. 
Give the product time to show the results. Use it for 1 - 2 weeks or a month so that you can actually see the results.
Using the correct products in the correct way is very important.





  1. I've always loved skin care tips but never really got into hair care that much. I guess it's time to realize that both actually go hand in hand. Thanks for this reminder.

  2. Thanks for these tips. Most people forget caring for hair is just as important as caring for your skin. Having the proper tools is key.

    1. Yes! the key is to know what to use and how to use the tools and products

  3. Great post! I definitely need to get myself a wooden brush after reading this! I bought a silk pillowslip a few months ago and I can really see the difference it makes!

    1. Yes.. do get a wooden brush.. you won't switch back to the previous one.

  4. I have wavy hair and it's not easy to maintain its bounce and shine. Thanks for these tips!


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