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"Self-care", you must have come across this word. It is as simple as it sounds yet very important and still neglected by many of us. 

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What is SELF-CARE?

Self-care is any activity or practice we do to take care of our physical, emotional, & mental health.
As I mentioned above, it is a simple concept but yet many of us just neglect it or are not aware the benefits of self-care.
In simple words, it is kind of our way to express love to ourselves, our efforts for ourselves, specially when we feel low or stressed out or tired.

Why is self-care important?

Self-care is very important as it reminds you that you are your priority. You and your needs are as important as others. It brings a positive vibe to you, motivates you and also boosts your confidence and self esteem.

What does self-care do? (benefits)

If you practice selfcare daily or monthly or even once a week it really affects your mental & physical health in a positive way, you feel more comfortable with your emotions, gives you time for yourself, makes you a happy person, gives you a break from your hectic life, you become more calm and kind towards any person or situation that would usually irritate you.

Daily self-care

I personally believe that practicing self-care is as important as any other things you do everyday.
So, taking care of yourself must be included in your daily routine.

I know that everyone has their own problems, a hectic life and we all run too busy everyday.
So, here are some simple ways to show yourself a little care daily.

You might not be able to do all the things I mention below, I understand.. but at least try to practice 4 to 5 things everyday for your own well being.

11 Ways to practice daily self-care

1. Start your day with a smile.
We all know the struggle of waking up and how we feel a bit cranky if we did not sleep well.
But, most of the time our mood throughout the day depends upon the way we woke up!
So as soon as you get out of your bed, take a big stretch and smile. You might think that this will do nothing, but trust me it just kind of gives a small positive boost which can go along way!

2. Hydrate
This is a must because health is a part of self-care and hydration is a BIG part of good health.
Drink lots of fluids throughout the day and also start your day with a glass or two of warm water.

3. 10 to 20 min for your body
Workout, do yoga, head to the gym, or just go out for a quick run. Do anything you like for a good 10 - 20 min for your body. This is a part of self-care as it is a thing we do for being fit and staying healthy. So just do it to thank your body.

4. Get ready
Dress up and get ready! Wear something you like, put on an accessory get your hair done, look at yourself in the mirror and see how beautiful you are. Doing this once in a while is kind of fun and also makes you feel different in a good way. It makes you feel productive and positive.

5. to-do's/journal
It's good to adapt good habits right?
Try writing down your tasks for the day so that it becomes easy for you to mange your work and also feel satisfied after getting everything done at the end of the day.
Many people including me have actually seen the difference in themselves after making to-do lists as it is a productivity boost and a smart way to plan out the day.
If you like reading those positive quotes and you feel like it makes you happy and motivated, try maintaining a journal, specifically a gratitude journal.. Write down how you feel, how grateful you are and what are your worries.. It is just a way to express yourself. You will feel as if you shared your feelings and it sort of makes you feel peace in your heart.


6. Spend time with your loved ones
We all are so trapped in all the things we do throughout the day and then just get home and fall a sleep.. same thing everyday! 
This might be one of the biggest reasons of you feeling irritated and cranky all the time because "you don't spend time!" 
Play for a few minutes with your children or your pets, they always wait for you and sometimes you don't even know that all you need is just a few minutes of happiness with them.
Call your loved ones, someone from your family or a friend in the middle of the day.. trust me just a 5 minute talk with them would bring a smile on your and their face for the whole day.. 
Even if you feel low, talk to the one who understands you, so that you can share it without hiding your emotions.

7. Treat
We all find peace in something, be it listening music, reading, comfort foods, napping, writing, going out to eat, long walks, etc..
Whatever it is that make you feel peace and calm inside you, do it!
If you can't everyday, do it as often as you get time for those things that make you happy and peaceful.
It is your way to give a treat to yourself.

8. Keep moving
Whenever you feel like you didn't do enough, you didn't do well, you made mistakes, someone else made mistakes, someone or something upsets you, or you just don't feel OKAY..
Don't stick with it.. keep moving, forget and forgive. 
You being harsh on yourself is just going to make you more upset & you being mad on someone else is going to affect your mood to!
So just let it go.. try to cheer up, bring positive vibes to you, do something fun.
Remember.. Don't let your yesterday ruin your today!

9. Sleep well eat well
We all know sleep is so much important.. a good sleep is a key to good mood..
Sleep on time, try not to stay much on your phone at night, take your sleep seriously.. Get a good sleep so that you don't wake up all cranky and low and tired, it will ruin your whole day.
Eating healthy is also important but even if you want to have something eat in moderation.
Your body, mind and soul deserve this practice of self-care from you!

10. Be kind
Helping someone, speaking nicely to someone, forgiving yourself or others, feeding the hungry, looking at someone and simply smiling and many more things like this are ways to express kindness.
Being kind towards others not only makes them happy but also shows how grown you are as a person. You being kind is you being mentally strong and peaceful at heart. Self-care also helps in making you a better person.

11. Thank yourself
Once in a while, when you are alone, doing nothing, think about yourself..
How much hard work you do, you've been through many things in life but still you wake up everyday and survive. Thank yourself for never giving up.
Thank yourself for the person you are now, the efforts you make for you and your loved ones, the hard decisions you make, the mistakes you made through which you've learnt a lot... 
Thank yourself for everything you've done and also for the self care you will try to practice for loving yourself.

I hope you liked this post.. it's all from my heart to yours!
Take care of your self & love yourself!