Working out should be a part of your routine.
You must make your health a priority and you should not neglect it.

Along with the healthy food you eat, exercising should be a part of your day.
Working out reduces risk of some diseases, helps in weight loss, increases your energy levels, is good for bones and muscles, helps in relaxation and sleeping, etc..

Many people join gyms or hire personal trainers, as they want to workout under professionals.
But there are so many of us, who are too lazy to head to the gym, or can't afford it or don't have that time to dedicate in the gym.

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Working out at home is so much convenient for those who have a reason to not go to the gym.

Although, many people often don't keep up with their workout routine for the most common reason "they don't feel motivated!"

Staying motivated is hard as we workout at home, because there are no coaches or trainers behind us to tell us to keep going and also not a gym membership that reminds us to head to the gym because we paid for it!

So, here are some tips for working out at home that help you stay motivated daily and improve your health each and every day.


1. Set a goal and challenge yourself.
There must be a reason why you are working out as it is your first boost of motivation.
Be it weight loss to a certain point, getting your body in shape, improving your body strength, or any other personal goals you might have.
After setting a goal, all you have to do is to challenge yourself that you will achieve that goal within a period of time. Challenge yourself that you will achieve your goal within the time you decided. 
This will help you stay motivated and keep going. 

2. Schedule your workout.
You need to fit your workout time in your daily routine. There is no fix time of working out. You can workout whenever you get time. I will however suggest to workout in the morning as the first thing, as it makes you feel so energised and also you have that satisfaction of getting an important task done in the morning. 
Scheduling your workout also means to set a routine of on what days you would do an intense workout and when will you take rest. You must workout at least 3 days a week.
Many people workout everyday and if that works for you, just workout everyday!
I personally have a goal of working out 4 days a week in which I do a full body workout, and on the other 3 days that I don't workout, I at least try to do a 5 minute stretch and pilates. 

* Remember to take breaks in between and hydrating yourself!


3. Track your progress.
Tracking your progress or improvements is just for motivating yourself as it helps in bring that positive feeling that you are getting closer to your goal and you feel a bit proud of that progress.
This also helps you to know what works for you better as you can get it from your improvement that which form of exercises work on you the best.
I am not very good at tracking my progress so I kind of do it when I set a specific challenge for my self. But for many people tracking your progress once a week on the same day at the same time is the best way.

4. Tools are not necessary!
People find it as a reason to escape from working out. They think that there are no gym equipment  at home so its impossible to workout and get good results at home as compared to the gym.
That's rubbish!
There are many forms of exercises that work as equal as any workout on a machine can.
You can get great results by working out at home without any equipment it all depends upon your "efforts". 
Effort of regularly exercising, improving and working hard to achieve your goal are the only tools you need!

5. Bring that gym feel.
Many people feel that gym is better in a way as you are surrounded by all those machines and also other people at the gym too are there to work hard. You may feel more motivated in the gym than at home.
A solution for this is to bring a gym like feel at home when you workout.
If you have an extra room make that your gym room.
If you don't have that big space, choose any empty space where you can workout.
All you need is a space you can move easily during your workout. Put on some music if that helps. 
Keep towel and a water bottle near you and your mobile far away and not get distracted.

6. Be consistent.
If you have a routine of working out at the morning, stick to it!
If you decided to workout 5 times a week, stick to your plan!
If you decided to workout 15 minutes everyday, keep that promise!
The only key to achieve your goal is to be consistent. Staying motivated is the way to be consistent.
You have to decide your routine and plan and just be consistent. 
For example..
I decided to work out 4 days a week just because I know how lazy I am and if I workout every day I am going end up breaking my promise and messing up my routine. 
Therefore with 4 days of full body workout I have the other 3 days of not working out in order to balance my work hard mode with my be lazy mode and I end up staying consistent!

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7. Reward and make it a part of your life happily!
Rewarding yourself after every little progress  you make is very important as your mind gets a signal of positivity and you will improve a lot more the next time you workout.
This will also help you stay motivated and consistent.
You can give yourself a treat of anything that makes you happy as a reward of your progress!

Make sure to give your workout a place in your life happily as it is not just helping you be healthy, it is also helping you improve yourself mentally as you stick to the promises you made to yourself and teaches you to keep going and never giving up. 

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It does not matter whether you workout at the gym, at home or in the park..
All that matters, is that you are working out and staying consistent.

Stay healthy and remember to make your health a priority!




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