Your hair feels unhealthy, damaged and lifeless even though you try to take good care of it. 
From buying so many products, oiling it, protecting it etc.
But still you find your hair dull even after trying to do all good for it.

What about the bad you do to it?

There are so many mistakes you make daily that affect the overall health of your hair.
You don't even realize those silly little mistakes that leave a big impact on your hair health.

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This blog is specifically focused on the hair-washing mistakes you might me making that you need to avoid for you hair health.

There may be many mistakes you might be making, but here are the 7 common hair washing mistakes you might be making.


1. Doing it all in a rush.
I know that most of us run very busy and it's difficult to do something with ease. But you have to give your hair that time.
Don't just rub the product on your hair and then wash it off immediately. If you wash your hair in such hurry, how is that product going to work and how is this helpful to your hair?
Give the product at least a minute or two to work on your hair and then rinse it off. 
This goes for both shampoo and conditioner. 
If you have a very pack schedule so just don't wash your hair in that rush. Wash it once you are free from work. 
2. Water
Please DO NOT wash your hair with hot water!
It may feel good and comforting while you are in the shower, but that is one of the biggest reasons of your hair being dry and frizzy.
Not telling you to use super cold water either.
Use water that is neutral. If you feel too cold you can use lukewarm water too.
Hot water dries out your hair sucking all the moisture and resulting in frizz.
*After shampoo and conditioning, rinsing hair with cold water makes hair shinny.

3. Products
Choose correct products for your hair. 
This does not mean that you have to buy expensive products. You just need to understand what your hair needs. Choose the products according to your hair type. 
Don't just go for what impressive ads are showing. Use the products that work well with your hair and cause minimum to no damage to your hair.
Buying the wrong products is like the silliest but most impactful mistake you might be making.

4. Not being gentle
Your hair are so fragile that they break just by friction sometimes. While you wash your hair be very gentle. Don't rub your hair too hard as this friction may lead to breakage, frizz and split ends.
Specially when you are lathering your scalp with the product, you need to be slow and not at all harsh as this may affect your roots.
Create a good lather and apply it slowly and gently on your hair.
Even while washing it all out, do it all gently.

5. Too much product
Too much of anything is harmful. Some people think that using a lot of product leads to good healthy hair. That's not at all true.
Use the product as per your requirement. Be it oil, shampoo, conditioner or any other hair product, using too much of it is a mistake. 
Always use an appropriate amount that is enough for your hair. 
Sometimes you may have to use the product twice or you may have to use a bit more of the product than usual, that is okay. But just don't have a loose hand on the products.

6. Too often
Just as I mentioned above, this "too" can be a mistake.
Don't wash your hair everyday. Even if you need to, try quitting this habit. 
Washing your hair everyday can dry out your scalp too fast and also your hair looses it's natural oils.
You need to let those natural oils be there on the scalp to keep it moisturised.
I usually wash my hair once a week and sometimes twice. I think, this is enough as my hair stays clean and also gets its natural oils and stays moisturised. 
If you have dry hair, try washing your hair to a minimum in order to let the natural oils moisturise.
Oily hair types may wash their hair 2 to 3 times a week.
If washing your hair every single day is a habit for you, try washing your hair every alternate day.

7. After wash care done wrong
After you are done with shampoo and conditioner all you are up to is drying. 
Towel drying and then naturally air drying the hair is the best as your hair is more likely to break when it is wet. Don't rub your hair with that towel, pat the towel gently and then let it air dry. 
Try to avoid any heat if possible and make it a habit to let your hair air dry.
Don't comb your hair when it is wet. Give it time to dry up a little and then detangle. 
Don't be too harsh while combing, if your hair has too many tangles or knots use a serum.
Always use a detangling comb or brush to detangle easily with less breakage.

These are some common silly mistakes we make while washing our hair.
Try to avoid these and be gentle towards your hair.




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