Focusing is so important while doing any task we need to get done with perfection.
Be it studying for the exams, office work with a deadline, any professional or personal goals we want to achieve, everything can be done if we stay focused!

Staying focused means to pay full attention to whatever you want to do, working on it correctly, make no mistakes while doing it and also remembering it so that it helps you in a long run. 

I know that many of us can relate to the fact that we focus on our goals and then after some time we just get distracted and then we feel that its just not going to work now. This is because we need to "stay" focused until we achieve our goal.

So, here are some tips that may help you stay focused not just at the beginning but, until you get it done!

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1. Start doing it
Creating a routine, setting up a plan, deciding how you want to do it, etc.. but, is this enough to stay focused? 
After doing all this, how many of us really start working on it? 
To achieve something you have to START!!! once you start working You will start focusing!
Don't just stop after planning. You have to get up and work on your goals.. Others are just going to tell you how to do it, give some advice, in the end, it's all on you!

2. Know what suits you the best 
You need to remember that everyone has a different way of doing things. Some may feel productive in the day and some at night. Some work well alone while some won't mind to have people around. 
You need to know what suits you the best and what works well to keep you focused.
If someone got good grades by staying up all night studying, that does not mean you have to do it that way for good grades. You find out what time suits you the best.
Instead of making a strict routine that you are never going to follow.. Checkout my blog 5 TIME MANAGEMENT TIPS these are very effective. 
Same goes for any task or goals you want to achieve.. don't just copy someone, you can achieve your goals creating your own way.

3. One thing at a time
This is where the mess begins. First, you start thinking of doing more than one thing at a time.. then you start doing them all together and then when you mess up you loose your focus. 
You cannot stay focused on two things at once. You may think you can..but it really just makes you mess up all the things you tried to do at once.
All you get after this is nothing but you loose all your focus.
So, in order to stay focused just make this promise to yourself that you will work on one thing at a time. 

4. Get rid of those distractions
The main reason of us loosing our focus is Distractions. 
Mobile, social media, games, chit-chatting, tv, and many more are the distractions we need to get rid of while working to stay focused. 
The best way I can suggest is to keep those things away when you are working. Keep the gadgets away from your space. Work in an environment that is peaceful and does not let you lose your focus.

5. Sleep well stress less
A good sleep is very important so that you can stay active throughout the day. 
Stressing about things can also make you lose focus because if your mind is somewhere else you cannot dedicate your concentration to your work completely. 
Not getting enough sleep makes you less productive and makes it difficult for you to be creative or remember things. 
This may sound something least to worry about, but it actually is one of the important reasons that affect your focus.

I hope these tips help you stay focused on your goals. 



  1. I agree we need to do each task on at a time.

  2. I completely agree with everything, especially with eliminating distractions! I have to have my phone put away when I'm really serious about getting something done, because otherwise, every single notification gets my attention!


  3. Good Tips especially for young people !

  4. I try to implement all of these things while working. I still need to work on getting some sleep lol

  5. I try to do these at work. But I have had one personal project that I have been wanting to and its high time I implement these there.

  6. Amazing article. I learned something new today 😁. Thanks for sharing this wonderful article.

  7. If I did not have a routine I would be lost. Also if I didn't have my to-do list made every morning during my coffee. Thank you for sharing these tips!

  8. I do struggle with staying focused, especially that It's been 5 days now since my country has imposed a lockdown and people can't get out or meet others. It's hard thinking about work.

  9. my dogs try to distract me sometimes but I always take it as a break - I can't say no to those faces! LOL

  10. Thank you for sharing these tips!

  11. I struggle so much with staying focused on what I need to do, these are great tips!

  12. Nice post. I procrastinate sometimes but when I decide to start I focus on them removing any distractions.


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