ponds superlight gel moisturiser product review

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When it comes to buying a moisturiser I often get confused and also lazy to get a different product for different seasons.
 I have a combination skin type. I get an oily T-zone but usually it feels dry. 
Many products usually state that skin will stay non oily for long but honestly .. ITS ALL LIES!
I usually don't prefer products that are sticky and show up grease in a few hours after application.

Saw the new ponds ad about this moisturiser nothing new but the fact that it was a hydrating gel and not  a cream that too for "all seasons" caught my eye and I bought it.

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 This is my review on the new POND'S SUPER LIGHT GEL. 

Packaging, appearance & ingredients - The product comes in a flat round tub. It is travel friendly but as it is a gel, the product sits on the lid which is annoying . It has a gel like consistency obviously, and is bluish in colour. Smells fresh pretty much the way it looks. 

It contains hyaluronic acid , vitamin E , glycerin and more..

What the product says.. - The product says it is an oil free moisturiser SUPER LIGHT GEL for all seasons and all skin types. 

My review - This gel moisturiser feels so good when applied. It feels like I am hydrating my skin. The product really is oil free and super light. As soon as it gets in the skin there is really no sign of the product on my face but when I touch my face it feels like I have moisturiser on my skin.
 In other words, it does not show up on the skin with some shine or grease like other moisturising creams do but still you can feel it on your skin. It really feels hydrated.
It almost stays up for a good 7 to 8 hours without making my face look oily (especially my T-zone). After that my skin does appear a bit oily.

It is not a 24 hour product.. one has to use it twice a day.


Winters -
I bought this product in winters and I must say it is a great product  for those who have a combination skin type like me.
People with oily skin type must really get their hands on this one as it really does not make skin look greasy for a long time if compared to other winter care products.
People with dry skin might have to use it a bit more and for 2-3 times a day. 
Monsoon & Summer -

People with dry skin might prefer this product in summer.
Also people with oily skin type, I think this is the best product for you in all seasons. 
It really hydrates the skin and much less grease shows up compared to other moisturizers.

Like I said, I have a  combination skin type and the oil finally shows up after a good 7 to 8 hours of non oily feeling. Based on the products I have used up till now this really is my new favourite. 
I use it twice a day, once after shower and then before bed.

There is really nothing I hate about this product and what I liked is all said above. It is affordable not too costly and the packaging is is travel friendly.
I use this after cleansing on my face. I take a small amount on my palm and start applying gently all over my face. It takes about 15 to 20 seconds for the products to get in the skin. 

If I had to rate this product it would probably be a solid 5/5 as for me this is the most reliable moisturizer for all seasons till date.