HOW TO DEAL WITH DEPRESSION OR SADNESS (signs, symptoms & dealing with it)



how to deal with depression and sadness

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Sadness and depression are words we all are familiar with. So, if you feel sad, low or depressed sometimes or most of the time, the first thing I want you to know is "IT'S ALL GONNA BE OKAY".

You are a human, you have a right to feel what you feel. If you feel low on some days, it's alright to feel it that way. Nothing is wrong with you, its just how you feel on that particular day or moment.

But, if you feel low or sad all the time, that for me is a bit of concern.
If you feel low for no reason and you just let yourself be sad, that's wrong too!

If there is a reason that is making you feel sad, and you just don't let go of that thing, even that's wrong.

Sadness and feeling low can be counted as a mood which may be for a little while.
But, if it kind of stays with you for long and then it may turn into depression.

What is depression?

Depression is a medical illness that causes intense feeling of sadness and loneliness, loss of interest in activities once enjoyed, often feeling low and affecting both physical and mental health.

Sign or symptoms of depression

 (these may vary from person to person and are the common symptoms)

  1. Feeling sad, hopeless, guilt, mood swings, loss of interest in activities
  2. Lack of concentration, working slowly
  3. Feeling irritated, restless, crying for no reason
  4. Weight gain or weight loss
  5. Not feeling to eat or excessive eating
  6. excessive sleeping or insomnia
  7. low energy level 
  8. (in major depression) thoughts of suicide

How to deal with sadness and depression?

1. The best way to deal this sadness or depression is TALK. Talk to the person you are most comfortable with and whom you trust the most. Talk to them about how you feel and just let it all out.

2. Spend time with your loved ones. Even if you don't want to or not in the mood to talk with anybody, try spending time with friends and family.

3. Go out and spend some time in nature. Visit some park in the morning or any time possible, walk by the beach or any other place that makes you feel peace.


4. Practice yoga. Meditate for some time and feel yourself, your heart, your breathe.

5. Try reading some good and motivating books that make you feel positive. 
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6. Practice other activities, arts, or things you love to do for regaining concentration.

7. Get good sleep. If you sleep enough, you may not feel lazy and a fresh mind may help you get all those positive thoughts in.

8. Laugh. Welcome comedy and sarcasm. Watch comedy shows and movies to let your heart feel light and happy.

9. If none of this helps in recovering from sadness and depression, you must take medical help.
Take medical help. There are many ways and treatments for depression.
10. Lastly, just remember that you are stronger than everything that makes you feel low and sad at any moment in life. Don't worry you will be okay and happy. Stay positive. 

Also if someone you know is feeling low or sad, make sure to help them get through their hard time and suggest them these ways to deal with sadness and depression. 

I am just a normal person, no professional, this is just my way to help you if you needed this blog.
Comment your view on depression and if you want to share your views on this blog.

how to deal with depression and sadness